Why Is Drama Good For Kids?

Drama is one of the core skills taught within all our Theatre Bugs classes. Children know that Drama is fun and most parents know there are benefits but what exactly are these benefits? Here are some of the invaluable skills Drama teaches children:

  • Good oral skills. Children learn to speak clearly and to project their voice.
  • Confidence. Performing means that students have to trust their own ideas and abilities. Receiving positive feedback from teachers, family and friends can do wonders for a child’s confidence and self-esteem. The confidence gained can apply to school, careers and social situations
  • Self-Discipline – the process of moving an idea/script to a performance level requires perseverance and concentration.
  • Improvisation skills – in life, we constantly have to respond to new and unexpected situations
  • Empathy – actors have to think about how someone else thinks and acts.
  • An active imagination – this makes life exciting and keeps things interesting
  • How to act – for students wishing to pursue a career in acting, directing, drama teaching or any profession relating to the performing arts, the study of Drama will obviously be of great benefit

Drama puts children in exciting, funny, thought provoking and interesting circumstances – this helps them grow as a person, giving them enormous benefits that will stay with them long into adulthood.


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