Discount for Theatre Bugs uniforms extended to June 4th

We have a large number of new students in Term 2 and we quickly ran out of some sizes in our Theatre Bugs uniforms, so we’ve made a decision to extend the new shirt discount.

Our shirt uniforms can now be purchased at the special price of $20 until Monday June 4th. After this date, we will need revert to the normal price as the shirts cost us more when we order them in lower quantities.

Please call the office on 8332 1228 to place your order.


A few parents have asked, “Why does Theatre Bugs have a uniform?”

Like most sporting, drama and dancing clubs and schools, Theatre Bugs has a uniform. The reasons we have a uniform include:

Health & Safety

We need our Teachers to speedily recognise all of their students. This is particularly important at pick-up and drop off times to ensure that students are easily accounted for and in the appropriate company of an adult. This is even more important at sites where there are other community groups sharing a venue.

Inclusiveness and a Sense of Belonging

After 20 years of teaching performing arts to Adelaide’s children, we have learned that our uniform helps children to feel a sense of belonging within their class group and their Theatre Bugs peers. Wearing the uniform promotes a sense of ‘team’ which maximises a culture of inclusiveness in which each child is an equally important member of the group. Our uniforms allow students to define themselves by their personalities, instead of how they dress.

Focussed Learning Environments

Further to our children having a really good and fun time in class, is a shared desire for our students to undertand and strive to continually improve their skills, confidence and capability. The Theatre Bugs uniforms help students to keep a focus on these objectives.

Comfortable and Practical

Wearing practical and comfortable clothing enables students to successfully achieve the physical demands of a Theatre Bugs class. School uniforms and items of casual attire can make it difficult for students to move freely. This can restrict progress and impact confidence.


We invest in a quality product for our uniforms which, if treated properly, will retain their shape and designs well. You can observe many of our students wearing shirts with the original Theatre Bugs logo which changed nearly two years ago. Many of these shirts have been handed down from one sibling to another as they grow up with Theatre Bugs.


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