Theatre Bugs and ABC’s “Behind The News”

Theatre Bugs is very proud of our long-standing relationship with ABC TV’s news programme, Behind the News (BTN).  Made in Adelaide, BTN is aimed at upper primary and lower secondary students with the goal of helping them understand current issues and events in their world.

Over more than ten years, many Theatre Bugs students have been cast in and performed roles on BTN. The producers of BTN continue to be very pleased with the talent and commitment demonstrated by our Theatre Bugs actors.

Congratulations to the following Theatre Bugs students who have recently acted in BTN stories:

  • Stephanie Keley
  • Lachlan Lehmann
  • Ben Gray
  • Edward King
  • Lily Williams
  • Amelie Gray-Combe
  • Hugo Gray-Combe
  • Lila Darroch
  • Rose Newman
  • Jayden Ayling
  • Ethan Wright
  • Alana Parisotto
  • Danica Parisotto
  • Kayla Ruggiero
  • Sienna Bertram
  • Alexander Aarao-Ward
  • Chelsea Thomas
  • Charlotte Delaere

We are always thrilled to see the skills and talent developed through Theatre Bugs classes demonstrated by performances displayed on stage, radio, TV and film.


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