Introducing Libby and Michael

“Hello”, Theatre Bugs.

No need to read any further if you’ve already read this message introducing Libby and Michael, however, just in case you missed the original email it has been added to this month’s ANTENNA.



Dear Theatre Bugs Customers and Students,

It’s an absolute pleasure to introduce Libby and myself as the new owners and managers of Theatre Bugs. Many of you will know that Joni employed me as General Manager and that I have been working in this role for the last year.

During the last year, Libby and I have grown to love Theatre Bugs, its proud history and the wonderful contribution it is making to the individual development of Adelaide’s children, our community, and the future of the performing arts in Australia.

We were both incredibly excited and honoured when Joni agreed to entrust the future of Theatre Bugs into our hands in what is the 20th anniversary year of the extraordinary organisation she has created. Joni is an amazingly talented and wonderful person and we are doubly thrilled that she has agreed to continue on developing our teaching team and to become the first formal Patron of Theatre Bugs. (You will hear more about this in the near future.)


What is Changing?

Well nothing, really!

Theatre Bugs is as loved and successful as it is because of the way things have been done previously and the way they are being done now. With Joni, we have been working to make sure that this change of ownership has minimal impact on customers, students and employees. We are definitely adopting an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it approach.”

Of course, we will continually look for opportunities to become better at what we do, but this is business as usual.

Next week, I will be sending a survey to all customers asking for your feedback on our customer service, teachers, classes, holiday programs and productions. This is an important step towards making sure we continue to be the very best that we possibly can be.


About Michael

Michael has a long and enduring passion for the performing arts which stretches back for more than 40 years. His first stage performances were as a dancer in Darwin. After moving to Adelaide following Cyclone Tracy, he began with the Bunyip Children’s Theatre where he studied for more than 10 years.

Subsequently, Michael graduated with a B.A. in Educational Theatre (the same degree as Joni’s) and then won a scholarship to complete a Masters degree in Theatre Studies at the University of London.

Michael is also a founder and the Artistic Director of Adelaide’s highly regarded Red Phoenix Theatre company.

With more than 20 years experience as a corporate manager and leader, Michael has worked in a diverse range of industries including banking, insurance, pay TV, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and the performing arts. He has completed projects in the UK, Europe, Singapore, the Philippines, and Australia.

More than anything, he simply loves that with Theatre Bugs he has found a work home that allows him to bring his business experience together with his true passions, which are the performing arts and helping others to become the very best they can possibly be at whatever it is that they choose to do.


About Libby

Libby has been involved in theatre for as long as she can remember – from an audience perspective! An avid theatregoer she has attended productions in several countries but mainly Australia and the UK. She has seen performances by many of the great actors of our time including Michael Gambon, Judi Dench, John Hurt, Steven Berkoff, Maggie Smith, Kenneth Branagh, Patrick Stewart, Fiona Shaw, Toby Stephens, Helen Mirren, Ian MeKellan, Samantha Bond, Iain Glenn, Wendy Hiller, Michael Sheen, Alan Bates and Felicity Kendall, to name but a few.

Libby is a founding member of Red Phoenix Theatre and has become a much respected assistant director and costume designer.

Libby has more than 20 years experience as an Instructional Designer. In this role, she designs and develops programs which deliver outstanding learning results. She has created training and university courses for people working in entry level job roles right through to senior management roles. This includes a wide variety of topics including sales, customer service, management, presentation skills, personal development and communications.

Libby has a B.A. from Adelaide University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design from Deakin University, Melbourne.

She will be looking for opportunities to continue updating and improving the theatre training programs developed by Joni.

Like Michael, Libby is incredibly excited to be joining the Theatre Bugs family.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to Michael at


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